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Before you begin to read: If you know your equipment is still under warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly for repairs.

Repairs have also been a huge portfolio of Greenwall Assembly’s operations. We repair a large variety of brands and have a very streamlined process to do so. First, we will make an initial visit to diagnose or verify the problem. You will be charged for this visit. If it’s outdoor equipment (basketball system, trampoline etc.) then you don’t need to be home during the whole process at all! Even if you live in a gated community, there are options available which will allow you to provide us remote access to your property. For indoor equipment we’ll schedule an appointment for repairs with you accordingly.

On many occasions we’ve received calls from customers who insist they know exactly what the problem is and what part needs to be replaced. However, upon our initial diagnosis/inspection visit, we realized the part did not need replacement, but simply readjustment or re-calibration, thereby saving the customer valuable time and money. Sometimes there is also a situation in which more parts are needed than what is observed by the customer. Therefore, this diagnosis/inspection visit is mandatory for all repair jobs.

After this initial diagnosis/inspection visit, if it is determined your equipment requires parts we will inform you of our findings, our best solution/s, and how we plan on implementing the solution/s. If the parts are, or not, readily available we will inform you so you can make the best informed decision. In other words, we’ll make the whole process transparent by keeping you updated throughout the entire repair procedure.

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