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Hiring a moving company is good for relocating your furniture and other household goods. However, moving exercise equipment requires a company which specializes in this area, as most of these machines will require disassembly to simply fit through entryways. Disassembly and reassembly of these machines need to be done by professionals with the necessary training and skills to prevent your machine being ruined. Also maneuvering these heavy pieces of equipment through narrow spaces and down or up stairs is a very difficult task to do so you’ll need the services of experts to protect your property and machine from being damaged.

Here at Greenwall Assembly we are not only experts in relocating exercise equipment, but we also specialize in moving trampolines, basketball systems, some ping pong tables and other equipment as well. We have been contacted on numerous occasions after unqualified companies have tried (and failed miserably) to move fitness or fun equipment for customers. Most times they can’t even get it into their trucks! Sometimes, even when they do manage to get the equipment to its new location, they can’t complete the setup because they don’t have the required skill set or the proper tools.

We are also known for our dedication to customer satisfaction and paying close attention to detail. Subsequently, many leading realtors have entrusted us with providing our relocation services for their clients. Here are some of the equipment we can help you with moving:




Basketball Systems


Ping Pong Tables

Gym Machines

Air Hockey Tables

Let The Pros Move It for You!

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