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You Might Not Have the Time
It will take you at least 10 times longer than us to do the assembly. We know you don’t relish the thought of putting 10 – 20 hours into assembling a product, as those hours may not only be sacrificed over one day but more likely, over a two or three-week period. Wow! That’s a lot of time to spend swearing and sweating. A gentleman once joked that we saved his marriage by assembling his wife’s treadmill before their anniversary! Even if you like putting things together, it’s best to hire us for these types of jobs. Since our Techs are already familiar with the equipment they will not have to read instruction manuals, figure out which bolt fits where, or disassemble (to reassemble again) incorrectly assembled pieces.

The Instructions Are Not Clear Enough
Many Technical Writers do not provide enough clear and detailed instructions while explaining the assembly process in the instruction manual. Subsequently, you might find that after reading the assembly instructions, you don’t understand a darn thing at all! Some manufacturers also try to save money by providing the barest of instructions possible (instead of a proper instruction manual) on a fold-out instruction sheet. These sheets, while having diagrams, will not provide detailed descriptions of the parts, or, step-by-step instructions needed for the assembly process. You will not understand the instructions, will get frustrated and give up; plain and simple. We, on the other hand, with our extensive knowledge and experience will have minimal issues, if any.

Special Tools May Be Required
It’s always astonishing when we open product boxes with labels saying “some assembly required,” only to see that special tools are required as well. Many manufacturers provide assembly hardware kits, some do not, and others provide very limited versions. Most likely you will not have Allen wrenches, Phillips screwdrivers, rubber mallets and spanners in your home, so you may have to purchase these tools to put the equipment together. However, you will only realize this after you have set aside time to do the assembly, unpacked all the pieces, opened the manual, and are ready to start the job.  Now you will have to stop your project to expend more time and money. What a way to put a damper on your project!

The Assembly Needs To Be Done By A Pro
Some assemblies just need to be done by professionals like ourselves as there may be certain steps that only knowledgeable and experienced individuals will know how to do. We have done assemblies and installations for much smarter people (Lawyers, Doctors, and Computer Programmers etc.) than ourselves, who have been utterly amazed at our skills. Sometimes even though these individuals had tried and got stuck at a particular step, we were able to complete the set-up from sheer knowledge and experience. You should also bear in mind that some assembly processes are irreversible. Let’s reiterate: some assembly processes are irreversible. This means it has to be done correctly the first time; there’s no going back to correct. For example, once the poles for Portable Basketball Systems are hit together, the process cannot be undone.

Let The Pros Assemble It for You!

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