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“These guys are simply the best. They gave us options we never thought of and came on time as scheduled. Our trampoline was set up in no time and the kids love it.”
Karen – Alpine, NJ
“I wanted to install the basketball unit myself but after seeing all the parts I changed my mind and decided to let the pros do it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The system is perfect and now all the kids from the neighborhood play in my yard.”
Ryan – West Haverstraw, NY

Quick Tips


Once motorized treadmills are powered on, they produce motion independent of Human leg-movement. A large, powerful motor (drive motor) turns a belt causing it to move at the speeds which you set.
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The biggest problem you may experience with exercise bikes has to do with power source issues. Always ask your sales associate if the model you choose uses batteries or an electrical outlet as the power source.
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Air Hockey Tables

Most of the table tops are delivered as a large, single piece, so make sure you measure your spaces properly. Narrow, winding staircases can pose problems.
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Basketball Systems

Many retailers recommend filling the base with sand. However, most installers cannot do this as it is a very time-consuming process (pouring dry sand through a small funnel).
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Elliptical Machines

When purchasing elliptical machines, ask about their power sources as not all of them use an electrical outlet as the power source. Many use batteries but these batteries are not sold with the machines!
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Home Gyms

Most home gyms can be delivered to any room in your house because they are usually packaged as small, individual pieces; making it possible to unpack and take each piece through small spaces or up flights of stairs.
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Ping Pong Tables

Most Ping Pong tables are delivered as two large pieces (halves) in one box. Take accurate measurements or check online (if available). Compare to the space you plan on using.
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You need a clear, fairly level area for installation as these units do not have leveling systems. Try to avoid placing under large overhanging tree limbs as these can break off and fall into the trampoline, resulting in serious injury or death.
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